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Chicago Midway Airport is the second busiest airport in Illinois and features three concourses. The airport does have short- and long-term parking, but it is quite expensive, and not always safe. The need for safe and inexpensive parking was filled by a family-owned business out of Westford, Conn. The Albany Park Ride & Fly was the first Park Ride & Fly, and was built in 1988. The company now has 50 off-site parking locations for airports throughout the United States, including at Chicago Midway Airport.

Unbeatable Parking Services

The Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly is a premier parking location that provides many conveniences. As the travel industry changes, we change with it. However, our dedication to providing old-fashioned customer service has never changed. You still get the same attention to service that we gave when we first started building our parking areas. We have served over 15 million happy customers since we started our airport parking business in 1988.



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Our Mission

We ensure that your travel experience is as hassle-free and convenient as possible. Those that fly frequently know that delayed flights, canceled flights, rainy weather, missing luggage and other issues can take the fun out of a trip. Though we do not have any control over those events, we try to make other parts of your travel as convenient as possible, providing:

    Free curb-to-curb concierge services

    Warming up your vehicle during the winter months

    Affordable prices so you have more to spend on your vacation

    Complimentary luggage services so you don't have to drag your luggage to the airport from your vehicle

    Top-quality car care service options

    Complimentary jump start or tire inflation services

Our Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly airport parking lot provides indoor and outdoor parking spots.


Part of the problem with leaving your vehicle at airport parking lots is security. While most airports do provide some security, we provide 24-hour surveillance. Our lots are paved and fenced, which makes it harder for criminals to get in.

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Stop by our Chicago Midway Airport Park Ride & Fly lot to ensure that your vehicle is safe and to enjoy the benefits we offer to make flying, whether for vacation or business, less stressful.


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