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Chicago offers two airport options for travelers: Midway International Airport and O'Hare International Airport. Each airport has different offerings, but at the end of the day Midway provides a better air travel experience.

Here are 7 reasons to book your next flight with Midway.

1.    Location: Midway Airport is closer to downtown Chicago. The train from Midway will get you downtown about 20 minutes faster than the train from O’Hare. It is also a faster trip from Midway if you are driving to or from the airport. This is particularly convenient for a business traveler making frequent trips into or out of the city.

2.    Navigation: Midway is a smaller airport, which enables the airport to provide a simple navigation experience. Midway only has three gates: A, B, and C. O’Hare is a bigger airport with a larger area to navigate. O’Hare also has significantly more gates than Midway. The larger size and more complex layout of O’Hare can cause more stress for travelers, while a flight through Midway can provide an easier trip to the airport.

3.    Parking Options: Airport parking can be one of the most stressful parts of a trip. First you have to find a spot and then you could be stuck with a long walk to the terminal. This is another reason why the smaller size of Midway could work to your advantage. If you are looking for an even easier parking experience consider an offsite parking facility, such as Park Ride Fly. Midway Park Ride Fly provides comfortable and convenient transportation to the terminal without the stress of a busy airport lot.


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4.    Security Experience: At Midway, there is only one security area. This area has multiple security lines which help provide a quick and efficient process. O’Hare, on the other hand, is well-known for longer wait times. Midway also allows passengers to choose their lines, which is not offered at O’Hare airport. This can be helpful when a business traveler has the opportunity to choose a line without family vacationers carrying extra luggage.

5.    Reliability: O’Hare airport is responsible for over 20% of all North American cancellations and delays. Due to its smaller size, Midway is able to make more fluid decisions in regards to weather issues. Midway has also beat O’Hare in on-time records, providing passengers with more reliable flight schedules.

6.    Stress: As a smaller airport, Midway tends to have fewer crowds than O’Hare, providing a less stressful travel experience. With fewer terminals to navigate, Midway travelers can easily get from Point A to Point B without fear of getting stuck in the wrong section of the airport. At O’Hare, travelers often face greater congestion and a more hectic experience at the airport.

7.    Value: Midway and O’Hare both offer low-cost flight options for travelers. Spirit and Frontier travel out of O’Hare, while Southwest travels out of Midway. Though Spirit and Frontier are both Ultra Low-Cost Carriers, they offer less value than Southwest which is well known for its customer service and additional accommodations (such as the option to check two bags and bring one carry-on). Travelers who fly Southwest out of Midway receive a low-cost, high-value experience.

A flight through Midway airport offers travelers greater value, more reliability, and less stress than a flight through O’Hare airport. At Park Ride Fly, we have been providing quality service to Chicago’s Midway airport for over 10 years. We offer the finest offsite discount airport parking facilities, helping you save even more time, energy, money, and worry! Through our services, you receive complete luggage assistance, free parking rewards, 24-hour security, and more. Contact us at 708-563-0300 if you are interested in learning more about our services.