Best Ways to Get to Chicago Midway Airport

Depending on the time of day, getting into or out of Chicago Midway can be a harrowing experience.  As with any airport located in a major city, the hassle of getting there is sometimes enough to discourage potential passengers from flying. So what is the best way to get to Chicago Midway? Check out these recommendations from frequent fliers to ensure that you arrive at Midway on time and un-flustered.

Take Public Transportation
The Chicago Transit Authority’s Orange Line train service operates from downtown Chicago to Midway airport via elevated tracks, known as the “L” train. You can pick up the Orange Line at various stations within downtown Chicago from 4:00 AM until 1:00 AM most days, with the exception of Sundays when train service stops at 11:00 PM. Once you arrive at Midway station, you can access the airport via an enclosed walkway.

The normal travel time between the downtown Chicago Loop and Midway on the Orange Line is 20-25 minutes, however, if you are traveling from a location outside the loop, you may have to connect to another CTA train or bus.

Call an Uber or Taxi
It’s much easier to grab a cab in Chicago than some other major cities, however, if you are not in one of the more popular neighborhoods, you may have to call for a taxi or walk to the nearest large intersection. Uber is also available in Chicago using the Uber app. If taking an Uber from the airport, you’ll need head downstairs to the arrivals level near baggage claim, exit through door 4, cross the street and meet your driver in the center lane.

Depending on the time of day, the drive to or from downtown Chicago to Midway can take 30 minutes to upwards of 90 minutes.

Use Offsite Airport Parking
If you are not keen on schlepping your luggage through public transportation or relying on taxi or Uber drivers to pick you up on time, frequent fliers recommend using offsite airport parking with curb-to-curb shuttle service. Chicago Midway Park Ride Fly provides on demand shuttle service, so you never have to wait for a ride, and they’ll even help you with your luggage. Plus they offer the best available discount rates.


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