Complimentary Luggage Assistance at Chicago Midway Airport Parking Lot

Luggage Assistance

When it comes to long-term travel arrangements, safety and hassle-free are two important aspects to consider. Many airport parking areas have clauses releasing them of responsibility for any damage to your vehicle and the items inside. Frequently this is reiterated in signs throughout the parking facility. At Chicago Midway Park Ride Fly, we prefer to focus on ensuring the safety of your vehicle so you never have to experience just how right those signs are. Our well-lit, fenced in lots feature 24-hour video surveillance and patrols ensuring your car has an uneventful stay in our parking facility.

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Traveling involves a lot of planning and preparation in order to achieve a hassle-free experience. Often times your heavy luggage gets overlooked until it is too late. Your long-term airport parking space always seems to be located as far away from your terminal as possible. Dragging your luggage from the back of the lot to the shuttle will have you cursing your decision to pack that extra bag. Then once you actually get to the shuttle, the struggle turns into navigating to an empty seat without hitting anyone with one of your bags. When you finally get to the airport itself, you are already tired, stressed, and fed up. If this does not sound appealing to you, the good news is it can all be avoided. Chicago-Midway Park Ride Fly’s complimentary luggage assistance will take the headache out of long-term and short-term airport parking arrangements.

Luggage Assistance at Midway PRFLuggage Assistance Redefined

Unpleasant weather conditions such as heat and humidity or high winds can make carrying luggage a nightmare. Many airport parking facilities will claim to offer complete luggage services, but will fall short when it comes to the follow through. Having someone load your bags onto the shuttle once you finally get there doesn’t really seem like “complete” service after lugging your bags for 15 minutes in 95 degree weather.  Whether you are traveling by yourself or with family, we understand what a frustrating experience handling all your necessary luggage can be.  This is why our luggage handling team goes a step above. Rather than just offering luggage assistance when you finally arrive at the shuttle, our team meets you at your car upon arrival to ensure you never have to walk or wait with your luggage again. When you return, simply call us toll-free and we’ll have our shuttle waiting outside the baggage claim area and a smiling face ready to load your luggage and drop you and your belongings off right at your car.

Luggage assistance and secure parking features are only a few of the additional benefits our Chicago Midway airport parking facility offers. Visit our other pages to learn more about our services and affordable rates. When you are ready to plan your next flight, easily make a parking reservation online and experience the Park Ride Fly difference.

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