Midway Airport Parking Amenities at Midway Park Ride & Fly

At Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly, we offer so much more than just a Midway airport parking space to park your car. We also include numerous extra amenities with our service, ensuring your experience with us is first-rate. We do all we can to help you enjoy a smooth departure and arrival.

Our value-added amenities include:

Come home to a clean car at Midway Airport

FREE Snow Removal
Here in Chicago, we’ve been known to get some snow. Sometimes, that snow falls while you are out of town, and if you’ve left your car in a public Midway airport parking lot, you may be facing a mess when you return. Luckily when you choose our private lot for your parking, you never have to worry about digging out your car when you need it. We’ll make sure your vehicle is clear of snow and ready to drive you home. Winter Parking Tips >

FREE Tire Changes
Sometimes, customers experience a flat tire while their car is parked in a lot for an extended period. That can create another unwelcome surprise when you return. Well worry not: At Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly we’ll also change your tires for free, swapping in your spare tire, so you can get back on the road right away when you’re back in town.

FREE Jump Starts
Another issue travelers may face is a dead battery when they’ve returned from a trip and their car has been parked for some time. Being unable to start your car makes for a frustrating ending to a trip, especially if you are returning at night and need to find someone to “jump” your vehicle in an airport lot. This is another situation you never need to worry about when choosing Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly, since we’ll jump-start your vehicle for free, whenever you need us.

Open 24 Hours A Day
At Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly, we understand that travel is a 24x7, 365-day activity. So for your convenience, we offer 24-hour service at our facility, to ensure we’re always ready to accommodate your travel needs. No matter what time your flight is, we’ll be open and waiting for your car.

FREE Shuttle Service
We also know at Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly that our job isn’t complete until you and your luggage have arrived safely at your terminal. We provide prompt, complimentary shuttle service from our facility to the airport terminal, available on demand.

FREE Luggage Assistance
The terminal approaches can be pretty hectic, especially when you’re juggling bags. So in addition to transporting you to the airport from our parking facility, we’ll also help you with your luggage as you board and disembark from our shuttle. More info >

24-Hour Surveillance
When parking your vehicle at Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly, you can also feel safe in knowing your vehicle is protected while you are away. Our lot is under 24-hour surveillance, to ensure our facility remains secure.

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