Chicago Midway Airport Parking Can Make You Miss Your Flight!

Chicago Midway Airport Parking Can Make Your Miss Your Flight!

It doesn’t have to be a holiday for there to be congestion at Chicago Midway Airport! Midway Airport parking can be very frustrating if you don’t plan ahead of time. Be prepared and have a parking plan before you reach the airport. If not, you may find yourself forced to park in a very expensive short term lot just so you can make your flight.

Here are our best tips for surviving the Midway airport parking fiasco that can be at Chicago’s Midway Airport.

Know your options. Park Ride Fly USA offers off-site airport parking at Midway Airport so you can avoid the traditional Midway airport parking chaos altogether. Chicago Midway Airport has 2 parking garages, 3 parking lots and a cell phone lot. Figuring out which lot is right for you as you pull into the terminal is stressful and can result in a wrong turn or a wrong choice. Don’t get stuck with a large bill because time ran out and the only option left was the most expensive short-term parking garage. Purchasing airport parking ahead of time will save you the headache at the terminal. You’ll pay less, save time and get many perks not offered at onsite airport parking.

Leave plenty of time for delays of any kind. Let’s face it, if something can go wrong when we’re on a time schedule, it will! Make sure you build plenty of extra time into your travel day for traffic, long lines, weather and any other unexpected problems that are too out of the ordinary to believe can happen! Expect some issues, especially around the busy travel times and you’ll be better prepared to handle them should they occur.

The internet is filled with warnings like this regarding Midway:

“If you’re flying from Chicago, you should really brace yourself.”

“Traffic congestion on the way to Midway will be among the worst among 12 of the nation's biggest airports, even if the weather is good.”


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Track your flight. Make sure your flight is on time before you start the process of getting to the airport. There is no need to show up for your flight’s original take off time if it has been delayed for hours or worse yet, cancelled.

Don’t miss your flight because of airport parking congestion or any other unforeseen reason. Planning ahead is crucial, especially during holidays. Midway Park Ride Fly aims to take some of that stress away by offering off-site airport parking at Midway at discounted pricing. Did you know off-site parking offers perks that are included in your fee?

At our Midway Park Ride Fly off-site parking lot, we offer the following services that you won’t pay anything extra for:

Complimentary snow removal
Complimentary jump starts
Complimentary Tire changes