Tips For Midway Airport Parking Safety

Midway Airport Parking TipsAll too often, parking lots are the scenes of crimes and vehicular accidents, and public Midway airport parking lots are no exception. It’s vital to make safety your number-one priority when using an airport parking lot, which is why you should choosing a private parking facility – like Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly – so you can rest assured.

Criminals favor public parking lots for their crimes, which can range from robbery, to assault, to worse. Therefore it’s crucial you take every precaution in a public parking lot, especially at night. However, once you leave your vehicle, the safety of your car and its contents are largely out of your control in a public parking lot.

Keeping Safe
If you must use a public airport parking lot, always be aware of your surroundings and be mindful of the core safety actions you can take. Some of the most vital parking lot safety tips include:

•    Stay away from dark places.
You should never park in the dark corners of a lot or garage. Always park in brightly lit places where both you and your car can be seen.

•    Park near the exit toll or parking office.
Remote areas of a parking lot should always be shunned. Instead, park near the exit gate or the parking lot office, where security and staff can potentially see you in the event of an emergency or crime.

•    Come equipped.
There are some convenient personal defense items you should carry, just in case. Pepper spray and a personal safety alarm are basic essentials for use during an attack.

•    Be aware of your surroundings.
This is simple, but vital. Never forget to maintain a full 360-degree view of the lot. Do not use cellphones, iPods, etc. while in the lot, which can distract you from monitoring your safety.

•     Avoid stairs or elevators.
Criminals seek to isolate and silence their potential victims, so stairwells and elevators tend to be prime locations for crimes. In public lots, only use these when absolutely necessary.

Chicago Midway Park Ride Fly: The Safer Solution

You’ll never need to fear for your safety when you park at Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly, which is why we hope you’ll choose us for your next trip. Our safe, secure Chicago Midway Airport parking facility offers these enhanced safety features:

•    24-Hour Surveillance
We are always aware of what is happening on the grounds of our parking lots, and we will keep watch over your vehicle while it is parked here with us. Our 24-hour surveillance is a major part of that assurance.

•    No Stairs or Elevators
When using our facilities, you will never be required to use stairs or elevators alone. When you book with us, the risk of criminals hiding in such places is no longer a concern.

•    Bright Lighting
We keep our secure parking facility appropriately lit at all times. You won’t be walking in dark places, where in public lots, criminals could be hiding.

•    Indoor/Outdoor Parking
Some customers prefer and outdoor parking lot; others like a secure, indoor garage. We offer both of these options, so you can select whichever facility you prefer.

•    Fenced Facility
The entire grounds of our parking facility is enclosed by a security fence, including the outdoor parking lot. We control access to our parking lots.

•    Curb to Curb Service
Instead of potentially walking through a parking lot on your own to reach your gate, which can be a hassle at best and unsafe at worst, we will transport you from the parking facility to your terminal, and will help you carry your luggage. And when you return, we will pick you up at the terminal and bring you back to your car, which we will have running and ready.

•    Car Maintenance
While you’re away, you can also be confident your car will be in running condition when you return. If your tire pressure runs low or your battery dies while in our lot, we will refill your tires and jump-start your battery, so you’ll be ready to drive home upon your return. See all services available.

Heading out of town? Skip the risk and hassle of the public airport parking lots and park your car at Chicago Midway Park Ride & Fly, where the safety of you and your vehicle is our number-one concern. Reserve your space today online or call us at 1 (866) 922-PARK (7275) for more information.