Tips for Parking at Midway Airport During the Winter


Chicago isn’t known for having mild winter weather, making parking at Midway International Airport a potentially messy proposition if you’re not planning and preparing for what may go wrong. And in the Windy City, that could be any number of things.

The good news is, there are some measures you can take to minimize winter parking hassles at Midway. Some can’t-miss suggestions include:

Parking at Midway during the winter

Prep Your Vehicle

On cold winter mornings or chilly winter nights you don’t want to be racing around and prepping your car for your trip, so take steps in advance, like fueling up your vehicle the day before. It’s also wise to perform basic maintenance checks, such as tire pressure, windshield washer fluid, oil and antifreeze levels, so you don’t encounter any mishaps en route to the airport. If you’re using the private parking services at Midway Park Ride & Fly, you’ll be all set once you arrive at our lot; we’ll make sure your car is ready to run when you return.

Plan for Travel Delays

You never know what kind of weather Chicago will throw at you during the winter—not to mention what might go wrong once you arrive at the airport—so one of the most basic and effective measures you can take to minimize airport parking hassles during the winter is to leave for the airport early, allowing yourself extra time just in case you need it. You could encounter snow during your drive, or longer lines at check-in and/or security during the holidays. Don’t add time pressure to this already stressful mix.

Learn the Lay of the Land

With all the aforementioned potential for travel delays, do yourself the added favor of knowing the airport and parking locations in advance, so you won’t have to figure it out on the day/night of your trip. Spend some useful time learning about the airport prior to your arrival there, including your applicable terminal and the lot where you intend to park your vehicle. (Check out the Midway International Airport website for information.) A few minutes of preparation now can save you from a mad scramble at the airport later.

Arrive with Boarding Passes Ready

A huge time-saver at the terminal is arriving with your boarding passes ready to go, after checking in and printing them at home in advance. This lets you steer clear of those lengthy check-in lines at the terminal, allowing you to head straight to the security gate instead. If you’re stuck in winter weather, traffic and the like, and it’s made you late for the airport, having your boarding passes readied can mean the difference between making and missing your flight.

Know Your Cancellation Policy

In the event you need to need to change or cancel your trip, know your cancellation policy in advance for your flight, parking, hotel, rental car, etc. In fact, you should learn these policies before you make any reservations, choosing the most flexible options, since there’s a good likelihood you may need to make use of those policies. The weather in Chicago during the winter has a way of changing even the best-laid plans, so be prepared to be flexible.

Use Private Parking Services

Public parking lots at the airport can fill up fast, and don’t offer much in the way of service and convenience to make sure you’re ready to drive away when you return. Especially during the winter, consider using a private parking lot provider, so that you don’t come home to a car buried in snow, that won’t start. Reserve a spot at Midway Park Ride & Fly and you won’t need to worry about finding a spot, or finding your car underneath a snow bank. We’ll keep your vehicle clean and ready.

Less is More

When traveling to and from Chicago Midway during the winter, it’s also helpful to pack as lightly as possible, especially if you need to haul your bags from a public parking lot to the terminal. Fewer bags will streamline unloading at the airport, checking and retrieving luggage from baggage carousels and getting on back on the road. And whether you bring just an overnight bag or a massive steamer trunk, it’s always a good idea to park at Midway Park Ride & Fly, where our dedicated staff will haul and load/unload all luggage for you, as part of our comprehensive service.

***Will you be parking at Midway airport during the winter? Consider leaving your vehicle with us at Midway Park Ride & Fly, where we’ll get you on your way without all the headaches and hassles of airport public parking. Reserve your space today online or call us at 1 (866) 922-PARK (7275) for more information.