Chicago Midway Modernization Program

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) will be investing nearly $400 million dollars in the Midway Modernization Program (MMP). This will be the largest improvement program at Chicago Midway Airport in nearly 20 years. Not only will this program significantly enhance the experience for travelers, it will support local economic development through job creation. The MMP will be broken into three major projects over the course of four years.

Chicago Midway Lane Closures

The first project is the expansion of the current security checkpoint area. This update will enable Midway Airport to meet the needs of increased passenger volume. The checkpoint area will expand over Cicero Avenue and provide a new gateway to Midway airport. This portion of the MMP is expected to be completed by winter 2019. In addition to expanding the checkpoint area, this project provides a new opportunity to use of innovative screening technologies that the airport will have the option to implement in the future.
The second project is the expansion of the terminal parking garage at Midway Airport. This project will add 1,500 new parking spaces near the terminal building and is expect improve traffic both in and around Midway Airport. This project will also provide an enhanced walkway or “Pedway” for pedestrians, providing them with better access to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Orange Line through a temperature-controlled corridor. Additionally, the project will improve the entrance from Cicero Avenue to the terminal parking garage providing easier access for motorists. Enhancement inside of the garage and to the payment system are expected to improve navigation within the garage and provide a quicker and simpler parking experience. Similar to the security checkpoint expansion, this project is expected to be completed by winter 2019.

The final project is the renovation and expansion of the concessions area. This portion of the project will provide passengers with better options for shopping and dining. The new concession areas will offer 37 dining and beverage locations which will include five new sit-down restaurants, a new Central Market, local businesses, national brands, and healthy options. The concession areas will also offer 37 retail locations. When completed, this program will double the number of jobs in the concession areas. The first phase is expected to by May of 2018 and will featuring nine brands that are new to the airport:

●    Arami
●    Big & Little's
●    Billy Goat Tavern
●    Camden Food
●    Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch
●    Home Run Inn
●    Pork Chop
●    Nuts On Clark
●    Reilly's Daughter
●    WoodGrain Neapolitan Pizzeria
●    Monster
●    Departure's News & Gifts

Phases II through VI will be completed every six months until summer 2020.

All three of these projects will be funded by the CDA which means that no local or state tax dollars will be used for the MMP.  Overall, the projects are expected to create 1,700 new jobs and significantly improve the travel experience into and out of Chicago Midway Airport. Project updates will be provided along the way to keep local residents and travelers informed about how the construction may impact travel. This information can be found in the Midway Modernization Program section of the Midway Airport website.

One of the initial impacts will be major lane closures on Cicero Avenue, which is a main access road to the Midway International Airport. These lane closures are necessary for the expansion of the security checkpoint area and may be in place for the next two years. The CDA encourages travelers to consider alternative routes during this time period. A couple of these options include utilizing the Chicago Transit Authority's Orange Lines or an offsite parking lot.

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