Safe Chicago Midway Airport Parking is Our Mission

Safe Parking at Chicago Midway Airport Parking Lot

Leaving your car in a Chicago Midway airport parking lot can leave it vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and damages. Let’s not forget the danger to yourself and your family as you travel from your car to the airport and back again. Let’s face it, sometimes traveling in the dark is necessary. Unfortunately, it is also when theft and robberies are more likely to occur. When it comes to keeping you and your car safe, there is no such thing as being too careful. At Chicago-Midway Park Ride & Fly your safety and security is our top priority. This is why we have several features in place to ensure a safe, uneventful parking experience.

Midway Airport Parking Protected with 24-Hour Surveillance

Chicago-Midway Park Ride Fly’s facility is specifically designed to keep your car safe while you are away. Our parking lots are not only patrolled by security professionals, but monitored with 24-hour video surveillance. Our cameras are placed strategically throughout the facility to give us a complete, birds-eye view of all that goes on. Trust us when we say we know everything that happens at Chicago-Midway Park Ride Fly.

At our Midway airport parking facility you can travel to and from your car in confidence- even during the middle of the night. Our well-lit lots are an effective thief deterrent, providing you with peace of mind. Furthermore, our parking facility is securely fenced in. Without easy access or any shadows or dark corners to hide in, thieves and vandals tend to steer clear. To top it off, our complimentary luggage handling service means you will never have to travel to and from your car alone.

Indoor Parking at Chicago MidwayIndoor & Outdoor Parking Options

In order to better serve travelers, we have both indoor and outdoor parking accommodations. Worried about the weather damaging your car? Opt for one of our indoor parking spots. Chicago is no stranger to high winds and damaging hail. Our covered airport parking option allows you to travel in confidence, knowing your car won’t fall victim to Mother Nature’s wrath.

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Don’t fall victim to a disaster in the parking lot of Chicago-Midway Airport. Trust the safety of your vehicle to us and travel worry-free. With effective security features and affordable airport parking prices, parking at Chicago-Midway Park Ride Fly is a win-win. Book your parking spot today!


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